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With a sustainable, unique and exclusive “No waste” packaging, 100% recyclable.

BF Petfood® - Grain-free pressed salmon croquettes - for dogs of all ages High-quality, complete and tasty grain-free food. Suitable for all dogs: from puppies to adult and senior dogs. Ideal for sensitive dogs. Contains fresh salmon, salmon oil, cranberries and no grains. High acceptance and easy to digest. Contains salmon (35% fresh and dried) as the sole source of animal protein. Supports skin, coat, teeth and optimal digestion. Quick digestion, kibble does not swell in the stomach. The croquettes retain their nutritional qualities thanks to their artisanal cold-pressing process. This process ensures better acceptance and digestion for quality stools and to preserve the health of your dog.


  • Dutch quality.
  • Pure and natural raw materials.
  • With quality salmon.
  • Hypoallergenic (1 source of animal protein).
  • Grain and gluten-free.
  • Contains salmon oil and echinacea.
  • High acceptance and digestibility.
  • For sensitive dogs and picky dogs.
  • Suitable for all dogs: from puppies to adult and senior dogs.

For all breeds of dogs and all ages.


Salmon* (of which 15% fresh), dried potato, potato starch, peas, poultry fat, brewer's yeast, salmon oil (1%), egg powder, dried apples, cranberries (0.10%), inulin (source of FOS 0.3%), dried tomatoes, spirulina, echinacea. *[Total 35% of which 15% fresh and 20% dried].

Analytical components: - crude protein 27%, crude fat 15%, crude ash 5.0%, crude fiber 2.5%, calcium 1%, phosphorus 0.7%. Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 18,000 IU, Vitamin D3 1800 IU), Vitamin E 500 IU, Iron 105 mg, Iodine 2.0 mg, Copper 15 mg, Manganese 75 mg, Manganese 25 mg, Zinc 200 mg, Taurine 1000 mg, Selenium 0.1mg, L-carnitine 50mg. Sensory additives: Yucca schidigera extract 200 mg. Contains natural antioxidants and preservatives. Available in bags of 5 & 13.5 kg. | 4110 calories per kg.

Feeding advice:


3kg 60g
5kg 88g
10kg 147g
15kg 200g
20kg 248g
25kg 293g
30kg 336g
35kg 377g
40kg 416g
45kg 455g
50kg 492g
55kg 529g
60kg 564g
70kg 633g


Leeftijd 1,5-3mnd 4-5mnd 6-10mnd
3kg 119-149g 90g 72g
5kg 175-219g 131g 105g
10kg 294-368g 221g 177g
15kg 399-499g 299g 239g
20kg 496-619g 371g 297g
25kg 585-732g 439g 351g
30kg 671-839g 503g 403g
35kg 753-942g 565g 452g
40kg 833-1041g 625g 500g
45kg 910-1137g 682g 546g
50kg 984-1230g 738g 591g
55kg 1057-1322g 793g 634g
60kg 1129-1411g 846g 677g
70kg 1267-1584g 950g 760g