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3-in-1 BISCUITS bark & relax


Unique herbal blend formula.
Calming and relaxing.
For stress, barking, socialization, anxiety, tension and fear.
Gluten-free and plant-based.

Tasty, natural and gluten-free BF® Petfood 3-in-1 Bark & Relax biscuits for dogs. Calming and helps to relax. Natural and effective. Balanced composition. To support socialization, stressful situations such as thunderstorms, noise, fireworks, car rides, moving, visiting the vet and barking due to fear, nervousness or aggression. To promote the general state of mind.

The unique soothing herbal blend formula includes valerian, ginseng, sage, oat straw, passion flower and rosemary.

Valerian: for supporting peace of mind in the event of stress or a busy environment.
Ginseng: supports the immune system, vitality and contributes to the good
Sage: supports the airways and is soothing, soothing and calming.
Oat straw: supports nervousness, general mood and has nourishing and gently calming properties.
Passion herb: relaxing in stressful situations. Calming and anti-anxiety.
Rosemary: supports skin, digestive problems, muscles and alertness
Lemon balm leaf: calming, harmonizing, relaxing and supports digestion.

The combination of natural ingredients helps the dog to relax in exciting and stressful situations. The fibers present promote digestion and ensure good intestinal flora and bacteria in the intestine.

Tasty 3-in-1 Bark & Relax dog biscuits:
1. excessive barking*
2. natural sedative
3. supports the resistance

For all dog breeds, from puppy to senior.

Available as e200g MINI and e500g packaging.

*Dogs may bark out of fear, uncertainty, excitement, boredom, greeting, during play, for attention or due to territoriality/protection. Trying to stop barking will, depending on the situation, consist of (a combination of): learning different (calm) behavior in certain situations or in the presence of certain 'stimulus', stopping and preventing success of your dog's barking behavior, adjusting the situation so that your dog no longer has a reason to bark, teaching your dog to deal better with certain situations and influences, meeting your dog's (basic) needs and responding to his motivation to adopt the desired behavior to learn. The 3-in-1 Bark & Relax biscuits can provide the necessary support.



corn, pea flour, molasses, relax spice mix 5% (of which valerian root 13%, ginseng 13%, sage, oat straw, passion flower 7%, rosemary and melissa leaf), rice, vegetable oil, glycerine, carrot.

Analytical components: - crude protein 7.3%, crude fat 5.1%, crude fiber 2.8%, crude ash 3.5%, moisture 12.5%.

Feeding advice:

Puppies: 2 pcs. per day. Adult dog: 2 min. - 4 max. per 5kg per day.