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3-in-1 BISCUITS Garlic & Herbs


Unique herbal blend formula.
Makes the dog less attractive as a host.
Supports skin, coat and immune system.
Gluten-free and plant-based.

Tasty, natural and gluten-free BF® Petfood 3-in-1 Flea & Tick biscuits for dogs. Makes the dog less attractive as a host. Natural and effective. Balanced composition. To support skin, coat and immune system.

A unique herbal mix formula including garlic, black cumin seed, fenugreek and hops that makes dogs less attractive as a host.

Garlic: makes a dog less attractive as a host. Supports skin, coat, cholesterol, blood circulation and immune system.
Black cumin seed: supports skin, coat, digestion, intestines, respiratory tract and ensures that the dog becomes less attractive as a host from the inside.
Fenugreek: annual aromatic plant that exudes a characteristic odor that makes a dog as host less attractive. Supports resistance, respiratory system and general health.
Hops: supports digestion, stomach and appetite. Calming effect on behavior.

Tasty 3-in-1 Garlic & Herbs dog biscuits:
1. makes the dog less attractive as a host.
2. supports skin and coat
3. Supports immune system

The fibers present promote digestion and ensure good intestinal flora and bacteria in the intestine.

For all dog breeds, from puppy (from 8 weeks) to senior.




corn, pea flour, molasses, rice, vegetable oil, glycerin, apple, flea spice mix 2% (of which garlic 33%, black cumin seed 27%, fenugreek and hops 27%).

Analytical components: - rude protein 7.0%, crude fat 4.9%, crude fiber 2.5%, crude ash 3.0%, moisture 12.5%.

Feeding advice:

Puppies 2 pcs. per day from 8 weeks. Adult dog 2 min. - 4 max. per 5kg per day.