Feeding advice


Some BF®Petfood tips:

  • Always provide sufficient fresh drinking water.
  •  Pressed or extruded?
    In general, pellets are extruded (crunchy) or pressed. There is no rule of thumb whether a dog should eat pressed or extruded pellets. It is advisable not to mix pressed and extruded pellets. Pellets with different preparation processes are digested in the dog’s stomach in different ways.
  • Switching from one food to another.
    1. Switching from crunchy food to crunchy food or from pressed food to pressed food: If you are switching from extruded (crunchy) food to BF®Petfood extruded (crunchy) food, or from pressed food to BF®Petfood pressed food, do this gradually. In other words: start by substituting (approximately) a quarter of your current food with BF®Petfood food and gradually increase the amount so that you have completely switched to BF®Petfood food after several days (7-9). (CAUTION: switching from food may cause a change to the normal stool appearance. This is not serious. You can also choose to switch to meat: see “extra support”).
    2. Switching from crunchy food to pressed (or the other way round): If you are switching from extruded (crunchy) food to a pressed food (or the other way round), we advise that you make the complete switch at once, and thus not by mixing. (CAUTION: switching from food may cause a change to the normal stool appearance. This is not serious. You can also choose to switch to meat: see “extra support”).
  • Extra support when switching from food > BF®Petfood meat (min. 2 days), BF®Petfood 3in1 biscuits or BF®Petfood probiotica offer extra support.
  • Listless, low resistance, sick > BF®Petfood PROBIOTICA with healthy bacteria ensures the necessary support.
  • Skin, coat and digestive problems > Food with sufficient healthy fat (animal) is generally a good remedy against skin and coat problems, e.g. BF®Petfood High Energy, lamb rice or pressed lamb. Liquid sheep fat, salmon oil and sheep fat bonbons also provide extra support for the skin, coat and digestion.
  • Too loose stools/diarrhoea > Tasty BF®Petfood 3-in-1 dog biscuits provide a solution. Also for strange eating behaviour (eating faeces/grass) and supports the body in cleaning waste matter.
  • Dental care > BF®Petfood "rawhide" chewing stick and the BF®Petfood dogbite and catbite tablets support and care for the teeth.
  • Difficult eaters > Give BF®Petfood Dinner, BF®Petfood fresh meat or BF®Petfood pressed lamb to dogs that do not like pellets, cannot chew properly, have a poor appetite (“difficult eaters”), loose stools or need fibre-rich food. You can add warm water to dinner and pressed lamb and allow to steep.
  • Socialisation > Problems with socialisation of your dog or cat? Use BF®Petfood Relax during the socialisation process. This is relaxing for the dog and the owner!
  • Active, pregnant dog and obesity > BF®Petfood high energy pellets with healthy animal proteins and fat. Contains very little carbohydrates.
  • Parasites: fleas, ticks and mites? > Use BF®Petfood dog and cat anti-flea tablets with garlic and/or BF®Petfood sheep fat bonbons with garlic for the dog.
  • For small dog breeds BF®Petfood offers the special small breed mini varieties Puppy, Adult, Senior, Control (among other things for bladder dust and overweight) and Sensitive (nutritional and difficult eaters) and for the large dogs and dogs with shocking behavior there is BF®Petfood Giant.
  • BF®Petfood Kitten supports the development of young cats, Adult is for normal to active cats, Control is for indoor cats and cats with bladder dust and / or overweight, Sensitive is for sensitive cats (grain free) and Senior is for the older cat.