From: Lia Spijker-Mastwijk
Place: Nieuwegein.
Hello biofood. Thank you for the test samples. My dog likes it very much. I have now bought a big bag. Finally I have found pieces that are going very well. Thanks again. With a lick of jingle. My border collie.


Name: georgette the peaceful
Place: Gouda
Thanks again for the trial package, my cats love it and I am definitely going to find where I will buy it. In the store or on the internet. After that the old food is almost finished I will certainly buy it and hopefully my cats will be well against it and will not get any bald spots with this food. I'm going to try it in any case and I'm very happy with this trial package and the information that was included. Excellent service and information. Keep it up ???? With kind regards, G de Vreede


Name: S. van Heest
Location: Balkbrug
I just received the trial package for the dog, with lumps and meat. The dog really likes the lumps. I now know which chunks and certainly the meat food I am going to get. Dog happy and happy with the chunks and meat food from Biofood. Thank you Biofood.


Name: J. Sietinga
Place: Doorwerth
A few weeks ago we received a few test bags pressed mini-puppy & small wide. Our dog is now used to it and is doing well and we are very happy with it.